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Ramadan Begins!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

It's finally that time of the year again! Ramadan! It feels like we just came out of Ramadan from last year and here we are again. This is one of the most exciting times of the year as Muslims from all over the world unite as one as they take on 30 days of fasting! We abstain from food, water, intimacy, bad language and actions, and anything that can cause us as humans to go on a wrong path. This is the month where Muslims are given the perfect chance to renew themselves, let go of all their bad habits and detoxify their bodies physically and spiritually. The greatest thing about Ramadan is that we get a chance to look at our past and see all of our previous mistakes and learn from them. This is a month where Muslims cleanse their souls and try to become closer to their religion and God.

Although I love Ramadan, I was definitely not ready for it this year! I had so much on my plate this past week, with my sister's graduation, sister in law's graduation, and weddings and photoshoots that I NEEDED to get edited and sent out to my clients! It really just creeped up on me so quickly! And forreal, what's up with the "moon war" this year? Can't we all just get along and fast together? I mean seriously, isn't that what Ramadan is all about? Unity? I guess we can never all just agree huh?

But okay, let's talk about iftar real quick! I'm so excited for Ramadan because it's kinda an excuse to cook all the hard, long foods, because after all, iftar is so important to us all. I can't wait to make wara enab, qoosa, mlookiyeh, bamya, biryani and so much more! I absolutely looooveee cooking and I can't wait to embrace my cooking skills this Ramadan!

What are your favorite iftar dishes during Ramadan, and what do you find yourself craving the most while fasting? Let me know in the comment section!

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