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A New Life Change

You know that feeling when something drastic happens in your life and you feel unsure of how to deal with it? Sometimes it can feel confusing, overbearing, or just plain overwhelming. However, we as humans, are created to adapt to our situations and become fluid in them pretty quickly. It's all too familiar of a feeling when you get a new job and you wake up the morning of, feeling anxious and uneasy because you're not sure what to expect. Will your coworkers like you? Will your boss see right through you and automatically know that you're just a crazy cat lady? Think about how you felt on the first day of school each year. Probably nervous to see which teachers you get, and how many of your friends actually end up in your class (that never happens!). Change can be scary sometimes and that's why there are so many people out there who never try new things. They're afraid to experience new feelings, or open their minds to new experiences, so they just stick to the norm. However, when we do experience change, we start to overcome the feeling of "change" after a while, and it all just becomes "normal".

Although change in life can become normal after a while and can feel quite like a routine, I believe that there are somethings in life that will forever feel "new" and "exciting", no matter how "used" to them you get.

For instance, I believe one of the greatest, most drastic change a woman can go through in her life is becoming pregnant! Imagine finding out one day that you're pregnant, or that your wife is pregnant! All of a sudden, it becomes more than just you and your spouse, but also another life you get to cherish and hopefully live to see grow! Pregnancy can change the way one thinks and views their life. It opens doors to blessings some people have never been thankful for, and I believe this is what soon-to-become mothers will understand with time!

Mariam, a sweet girl I met over text, reached out to me for a maternity shoot with her husband. Of course, I was ecstatic about meeting her, as you learn something new every time you meet someone new. As I was snapping their photos, I noticed the way they would look into each other's eyes and how soft and genuine their smiles were! Mariam was around 7 months pregnant with the cutest little baby bump you've ever seen! Her husband's eyes would light up every time I told him to look at her for a photo or to hold her waist. This was one of the cutest couples I have met! They were so excited for the photoshoot that they brought some baby clothes and shoes, as well as her ultrasound picture! I actually felt bad because I was literally all up in their business trying to get some good angle shots, but a photographer gotta do what a photographer gotta do! As I came to a finish with their shoot, she asked me when I would send her the photos, as she wanted to surprise her family with the maternity shots. I told her i'd get them to her as soon as I could!

I am honestly sooo happy for this couple on their new journey! It's always so exciting to see newly married couples welcoming new members to their family! Although this will definitely be a big change to their life, I feel that there won't be one dull moment in this journey, as having a baby will always keep a family entertained, whether it's their cuteness or the fact that you have to keep waking up in the middle of the night for them! Remember how earlier I was saying that change soon becomes routine when we adapt and become used to it? Well, I think this kind of change doesn't. This kind of change lets you appreciate every single bit of life and allows you to see just how blessed you are that God gave you a special chance at family, love, and happiness! I pray that Mariam's delivery will be smooth and easy, and that she gives birth to the cutest, healthiest little baby boy out there!

Mabrook Mariam!

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