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My Husband is My Photographer?

Yes! It's all too often that we hear the term, "instagram husband", but what does it really mean? Does he just sit there and take pictures of you for the sake of it? Or simply because you asked? Because he's bored? Not to me! Having your husband be your photographer can actually be quite interesting and fun! My husband and I went out to a park a few weeks ago, as spring creeped up on us, in hopes of capturing some nice photos. We arrived at the park around 3, (prime time for the sun) which sucked because shadows ruin all pictures! Also, I think I have some sort of beef with the sun because I can't EVER keep my eyes open when it's out! I get all squinty eyed and whatnot. But anyways, he started taking some photos of me to get a feel for the lighting, ISO, aperture and everything else (because what photographer shoots in auto?!). The sun got really hot, but in the end, the photos were so worth it. Although I kept telling him how I like my photos and where to stand to take my photos, he really knew what he was doing! An instagram husband doesn't just take photos of you for the sake of it! He does it because he genuinely loves you and enjoys taking your photos. HE WILL DO whatever it takes to capture the perfect picture of you! So sometimes, let your husband take your photos, BUTTT leave the editing to your discretion! ;)

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