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Family Perfection

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

You know when you meet a family that is just family goals? Like the kids are just too cute, the parents look so good together, and the house just seems so harmonious! That is the best type of family to do a photoshoot for! And because I am SOOO lucky, I got to do just that!

On a hot Saturday, I went over to the Hussein's home and I wasn't sure what to expect, as it was my first family shoot! I've heard that controlling the kids and getting them to look into the camera can be tricky at times, so I was a little nervous to see what I would have to do to keep them entertained. When I reached their home, I met the beautiful mother, Maryam, and I immediately lit up and became excited as she was so sweet, welcoming, and warm. I said hi to Hedaya and Eesa, the little ones, and I couldn't contain my smile as they were TOOO cute!

We then went to see the backyard and I tried to picture how I would set the photos up. I asked for a blanket and basket that we could use as props for the photos. When I started shooting photos, I knew immediately that this family would be one the cutest family I ever get the honor to shoot. They all looked so perfect and photogenic! Their color scheme was also soo ON POINT, as I love neutrals, creams, and light pastel blues! Everything went so smoothly and I was so happy with the way the photos turned out!

I can't ever complain about a photoshoot when I get such good subjects to capture, and honestly, I feel like I get lucky every single time!

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