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Grad Parties!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Yes! Grad season has been upon us for a good while! While everyone seems to be graduating, i'm just chilling here, taking my time in college. Yes, i'm doing digital media at UH and I absolutely love it. The classes are soo fun and I can't even begin to imagine doing something different! Fortunately for me, my sister and sister in law both graduated this semester! My husband and I drove up to college station on Thursday in order to catch my sister's graduation ceremony. It was so nice to see her graduate college. I can still remember how the air smelled when she graduated high school! My sister in law was also graduating this semester so we went to her graduation ceremony as well! I ended up planning a surprise graduation party with my other sister in laws for her and it was so perfect! She was so surprised when she came in the hall and couldn't believe the party was for her! Her sisters told her that they were going to someone's engagement party! I had such a great time putting the party together and decorating the hall!!

If anyone needs help putting a party together, hit me up, I got you! ;D

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